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Vuuzle Media Corp —

A Triple Play Company!

Share Your Life!

A State-Of-The-Art and Perfect Live Streaming App for All! Your Partner in Capturing Cherished Memories

Vuuzle.Live has gone through several improvements since it started to ensure the best user experience for its users. It is now much ready to set your live streaming moments on a higher level! Vuuzle.Live gives more excitement and fun to users while they are online on the platform. Build a better connection to the world even better and make friends with personalities with the same interests as you are. Together, let’s bring one of a kind entertainment and content-worthy live streams to the world! is not your ordinary live streaming app! It was designed to give the best for its audience with high-quality interface and features in it. This will be the leading application in the social media world in no time! comes with a lot of exciting and advanced features to enjoy and benefit from. Check these out!

  • Trendy
  • Gamified
  • Global Sharing
  • Celebrity Magnet
  • Profit-Making Through Advertisement
  • and Much More...


Earning has never been this easy. Keep the money coming by just living the best moments Be Live and Aim High.


Vuuzle.Live came out to be the best and only the best. It was built with competitive edges among other applications to deliver what’s the best for the streaming community.

Advanced Messenger

Much more improve and user friendly messaging system.

Augmented Reality

We bring you an interactive experience of a real-world environment live.


An easy way to share your daily activities to your friends and get connected.

Entertainment Guide

Be updated of the interesting shows of your favorite streamers everyday by tapping the entertainment guide button.

Beam Me

Broadcasters can invite other users while streaming.

Virtual Gifts

Tons of creative animation gifts to let your broadcaster notice you.

Cash Out Solution

We find ways to convert your hard earned diamonds into cash.

News Section

Read the hottest news about technology, fashion, and people at the News Section. Get the updates straight from Vuuzle.Live app!

About Vuuzle.Live

Vuuzle.Live is a revolutionary mobile application for earning money on live streams. Available for Free downloads in Google Play and Apple Store. Users of all ages, especially the millenials and Gen Z streamers will surely love this one of a kind stuff.

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Vuuzle.Live has a lot of competitive edge. Our apps has an advanced features you will never experience from other live social media applications.

Unique Advertising Model

Vuuzle.Live provides a unique advertising system to help business promotions in an exciting way.


A lot of games from our partners to enjoy with. Play games and get rewards credited to your account!

Debit Card

Our very own card for easy purchase of gifts and diamonds, and for an easier cash out of hard earn rewards.

Group Stream

Gather your friends in one platform as a group chat and have fun with live audiences via Live Stream!

Celebrity Channel

Home of your favorite stars and sports personalities share their talents and expertise to live audiences for FREE.

Augmented Reality

Convert your audience and transcend them to the reality while being in the live streaming virtual world.

Download and Be Live!

Available in Google Play and Apple Store. Download now and start your live stream experience!


Some of our Stunning Feedback from Users and Streamers of Vuuzle.Live.

Press Release

Here are some of our latest updates regarding Vuuzle.Live app. We are so excited to share what you need to know about the company and the application itself. The company works only for the best of interest of its clients.


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