Traditional Pay-TV Providers Lost Almost 1M Subscribers in 1st Quarter of 2019

It’s time for an increase of numbers for the cord-cutting media industry! Recent reports show that a huge number of pay-tv subscribers just canceled out their Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T subscriptions. No definite reports that they have already shifted to OTT but the increase in cord-cutting service subscription is an absolute manifestation that they have chosen to cut the cord for a better viewing experience via OTT streaming platforms. There is a possibility for those pay-tv companies to lose 3.6 million customers by the end of 2019 if the trend continues to hype up.

Reviews and testimonies from recent cord-cutters manifest how convenient and preferable OTT services are compared to the service with pay-tv companies they used to have. ‘Expensive’ and ‘rising price subscription each year’ are the major mentioned factors that affected their shift to OTT service. Other says that there are hidden charges included even though as if they are paying for nothing.

Vuuzle.TV is in the run together with other streaming service providers. The thing is, it pushes itself to become a FREE Ad-supported OTT platform wherein everyone doesn’t have to pay for a subscription as advertisements do it for subscribers. The cord-cutting industry is growing its circle. The demand is high. Viewers have high expectations, and Vuuzle.TV is up for the challenge in satisfying their quality entertainment and service desires!

So to our valued shareholders, we are one step closer in achieving our success! As the year unfolds, looking back to where we started will never be the same. In Vuuzle.TV, we control what we view!

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