Why did you invest in Vuuzle Media Corp? What do you expect as the company begins the advertising campaign?

At Vuuzle.TV, most of us believe that there are really only two good reasons for having a significant amount of money. First, is to maintain a high standard of living and to ensure your personal freedom. There are other, lesser reasons, of course, including proving you can do it, to compensate for failings in other things, to impress others, to leave a legacy, to help perpetuate your genes, or maybe because you just can't think of something better to do with your time.

But let us put aside those lesser motives, which we tend to view as psychological foibles. Basically, money gives you the freedom to do what you'd like – and when, how, and with whom you prefer to do it. Money allows you to have things and do things and can even assist you to be something you want to be. Unfortunately, money is a medium that will not stay with you unless you use timing as the winning formula..

Vuuzle.TV is in the eye of the hurricane and will soon be moving into the other side of the storm as the number 1 free streaming platform. Vuuzle.TV’s ad-supported model of free services will offer the best chance to beat our competitors. The customer will acquire a better service with more options. There is no question that at this point, most people are willing to pay for a streaming entertainment services as they are already doing so. Regardless of whether they have cut the cord and left cable TV behind or not the remaining long tail of TV viewers that have been slow to join paid for TV subscriptions certainly won’t mind the commercial interruptions when the service is free.

Most importantly they will likely not need an extra push to try out Vuuzle.TV as they have a call of action button on the splash page that lets them have it for free. When they start viewing, ad tags about their favorite movies or products they want to buy the products being advertised on our site. We will then push the traffic over the world wide web to our site so the potential subscriber looks at our players and ad stacks which we have now implemented the ability to serve video ads.

You can see the player and ads in action here by clicking the link.

Currently, we are finishing our infrastructure upgrade in AWS. Therefore, it makes sense that our key player Vuuzle.TV will begin its video content with ad-supported videos. By lowering the pricing to zero, we are betting that the remaining TV audiences will be more excited to try out Vuuzle OTT streaming platform than any other service requiring monthly payments.

There are reasons for our optimism about making money with Vuuzle.TV, of course, and at least two of them make sense.

The first is that every individual who invested in Vuuzle wants to improve his or her economic status. Many (but by no means all) of them will intuit that the surest way to do so is to produce more than they consume and save the difference. That creates capital, which can be invested in or loaned to productive enterprises Like Vuuzle Media Corp, But what if outside forces make that impossible, or at least much harder than it should be? Bottom line is it is not easy to find good investments anymore.

The second reason for optimism is the development of technology – which is the ability to manipulate the material world to suit our desires. Vuuzle scientists and engineers developed our technology with a win-win negotiation between subscriber and advertiser using our DSP platform to push traffic together in harmony.

Because of the complex nature of entertainment and our proprietary ‘Clout Nine’ technology the more outside capital was required to build and fund our technological advances? Some people get lost in time while others understand it is better to be a little late unveiling your product and have the best system built instead of rushing to market just to make a quick buck.

There are no guarantees in life. Throughout the first several hundred thousand years of human existence, very little capital was accumulated – perhaps a few skins or arrowheads passed on to the next generation. And there was very little improvement in technology. Things very gradually accelerated and improved, in a start-stop-start kind of way–the classical world, followed by the Dark Ages, followed by the medieval world. Finally, as we entered the industrial world 200 years ago, it looked like we were on an accelerating path to the stars. All of a sudden, life was no longer necessarily so solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, or short.

This year 2019 begins the generation of Artificial intelligence (AI). It is sometimes called ‘machine intelligence’. It is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science, AI research is defined as the study of "intelligent agents", any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem-solving".

Vuuzle will continue to keep using more and more artificial intelligence (AI). Vuuzle.TV is set up to gather tremendous data being generating from our subscribers. Our DSP platform, along with our OTT player, gathers precise data about individual viewers and their choices and give recommendations to them. Vuuzle essentially will control traffic from the web and will constantly push traffic to the two most important generations—Millennials and the Gen Z—to use our free service.

Now, with so much to be made in Publishing, AI ensures advertisers get bang for their buck for ad-funded content. As AI and machine learning can be accurate with the complete universe of the subscribers, there can be targeted advertising and also charging the premium for the ad-free content, which can be afforded by the certain viewers and giving certain content free for masses, which can be funded by advertisers.

Going ahead, we will see a lot more interactive content as well as it can get viewers to be hooked for hours and hours with interactive programming. Vuuzle.TV is the true representation of the viewer’s preferences, which will continue to learn and evolve using AI to win subscribers and make money.

Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the broadcasting landscape and media & entertainment industry. Players, both big and small, are racing to leverage AI to differentiate their services from the rest. AI is one primary factor that helps marketers identify their customers and realize their needs. By knowing individual needs, marketers’ foray into the territory of personalization and there, the concept of content branding originates. Personalization of products/services is becoming table stakes to stay relevant in this competitive industry.

Vuuzle.TV is largely betting on Artificial Intelligence and new technologies to garner that 30-crucial-seconds of attention of our target customers. With the booming success of OTT giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc., media companies have realized the changing consumer interest, viewing habits, viewing pattern, preferences of genre and more, to be key factors for success and in order to have a hold on these, they are not shying away to invest money in Artificial Intelligence and data which according to them, makes them future-ready.

Unfortunately for Them, There is a New Sheriff in Town

Vuuzle Media Corp uses Cognitive Computing. It allows learning and building knowledge from various structured and unstructured data. According to a survey, 86% of Media and Entertainment executives who are familiar with cognitive computing believe it will play a disruptive role in the industry. However, the broadcasting industry must smartly handle the data. It certainly helps to enhance the cognitive processes of professionals and betters the decision-making process. In other words, give the target audience what they crave by knowing in advance what they want without guessing.

Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay!

To start with, it’s not a news anymore that the trailer of the 20th Century Fox horror flick ‘Morgan’ was developed using machine learning which is often interchangeably used for AI though there is a thin line of difference between the two. A total of six minutes of footage were pulled from the 90-minute movie, resulting in a 24-hour process, from start to finish whereas normally a film’s trailer development process takes weeks to complete. It is just a small example of how powerful can AI be if data insights are acutely studied and implemented. Thus the Clout Nine proprietary visual web using AI and a 3D dimensional platform used for all smart technology and all devices which use it.

In the 2017 US Open, IBM’s cognitive computing platform ‘Watson’ assembled a clip reel within five minutes of the end of every match, churning out highlights and key moments available to fans 2 to 10 hours faster than previous years. The event which marked the official launch of IBM Watson Media is a new venture that leverages Watson’s AI capabilities to meet the future needs of broadcasters and their audiences. Watson analyzed 320 hours of video from the event to find the most exciting moments. It also consumed statistical information from courtside devices used to measure ball position, serve speed and other technical dimensions

Coming back to OTT arena, streaming giant Netflix uses AI extensively. From suggesting better content depending on viewing preferences to optimizing video compression and delivery, Netflix’s familiarity with AI for improved viewing experience is nothing new. Content management can greatly benefit from AI technology as image, emotion, and voice recognition have empowered media technology purchasers to increasingly rely on AI tools to organize and search content archives. Similarly, AI can also help in tagging content (which is an expensive affair). However, with Vuuzle.TV detailed metadata, search on content management systems will become more precise thereby encouraging monetization opportunities. AI, also termed as “cognitive intelligence” in the broadcasting industry, promises Vuuzle to track individual customer consumption habits.

Look How Netflix Saved $1 Billion a Year by Leveraging AI in 2018

Netflix claimed in the past that its AI-powered recommendations save up to $1 billion a year by decreasing churn. The usage of Dynamic Optimizer by Netflix helps to compress codecs and optimize network data transfers. In addition to this, Artificial Intelligence optimizes the over-the-top (OTT) delivery by preventing congested links and unstable connectivity with the adoption of internet protocol (IP).

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others, have cloud-based video delivery channels. Here, AI plays an important role in scalability. The cloud services of the aforementioned companies have a substantial amount of elasticity which in simple terms means the ability to increase or decrease available resources as needed.

Artificial Intelligence is used to predict the increase in resource requirements with an aim to reduce the delaying. Vuuzle uses a high-definition 4k quality player with AWS to manage the load while controlling the traffic with DSP with customized ad tags and display ads keeping the sociability of the server consistent with the brand management.

Online Streaming Industry Stays Abuzz Over Artificial Intelligence

The NAB Show in 2018 was held in Las Vegas and highlighted Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Immersive Media as two featured topics at the main event. The world’s largest electronic media show witnessed streaming and online video connoisseurs gathering and exchanging thoughts about the cutting-edge technology that is redefining the curation, channelization, and delivery of content on any platform. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become a trending topic in early April as the crowd from broadcasting, media, entertainment, and technology assembled to throw light on the changing dimension of streaming media, its effect on the peripheral industry and above all consumer behavior spelled out OTT and AI.

Vuuzle Monetization is Going to be 'The Trump Card' for OTT

The globe is already marveled at the cornucopia of content available, and the standard the OTT players have set for a phenomenal viewing experience. While technology such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), hassle-free streaming and artificial intelligence are all fine, marketers feel if one thing that is going to keep OTT providers firm, distinguished and delectable, then it is monetization. Lower technology expenses, faster broadband speeds, and frequent innovation have made the video-on-demand (VOD) industry a desirable yet a tricky place to be in.

The copyright holders’ conviviality is over, and they must battle for viewership across multiple screens, platforms, and geography to get the desired return. With broadcasting giants like BBC and ITV competing with global OTT giants—Netflix and Amazon—the need for additional ways of content monetization is amplified. Huge budget for content, competitive pressure, changing viewing habits, have changed the OTT dynamics altogether and VOD is not the only apple of the eye anymore.

The primary factor that will drive Vuuzle to the number one is our competitive monetization model including the delivery of on-demand and complementary OTT linear streaming services across geographies using ‘Clout Nine’ as the medium to communicate visually. Vuuzle.TV’s distribution of content, with the help of third-party subscribers, engages viewers with brisk content on Vuuzle Media’s social sites.

Savvy investors who have invested with us have started to raise the bar after understanding and in analyzing the broadcasting landscape. Anyone who does just a little bit of research will understand that Vuuzle has cracked the code coming up with the best monetization model. Our pioneer and preferred stockholders and new investors will soon walk away with pride as our service grows faster than any other OTT service on the market.

The only way for investors to achieve huge financial rewards is to maximize your position. Vuuzle has maximized its potential income streams as we understand the audience and what they want.

Vuuzle Media Corp’s ad-supported content will fend off the growing dominance of ad-free SVOD subscription services like Netflix and upcoming Disney. NBCU cites its own research that found subscribers prefer free services with low ad load, but the criteria for defining a low ad load remains murky for them. That’s why we took our time to make sure the balance and transfer of live television would be powered correctly by Amazon web services and HD content as distributed under licenses also powered by Omniverse and TikiLive.

Currently, YouTube reigns supreme in the ad-supported, non-scripted space, and the Google-owned company has recently adjusted its content strategy to stop chasing the premium content for its paid subscription. Meanwhile, Netflix, Disney, Warner Media (which owns HBO), and Apple are playing (or will play) in the paid, scripted content space, all with a deep pocket to invest in original content.

NBCU may think it will face less competition in the ad-supported, scripted content space, but aforementioned new services from Amazon and Viacom may once again crowd the market. Not to mention Hulu, of which Disney now has a controlling share, which has long pursued a hybrid model — charging for a subscription fee, and showing ads at some pricing tiers — and recently, Hulu crossed 25 million subscribers.

NBCU may think it will face less competition in the ad-supported, scripted content space, but aforementioned new services from Amazon and Viacom may once again crowd the market. Not to mention Hulu, of which Disney now has a controlling share, which has long pursued a hybrid model — charging for a subscription fee, and showing ads at some pricing tiers — and recently, Hulu crossed 25 million subscribers.

Regardless of whether they prefer ad-supported or ad-free models, viewers will have plenty of content to choose from. At the end of the day, it is also important to remember that streaming isn’t a zero-sum game. Many households will use multiple services, especially if they’re free with ads and available via on-device search. The most likely scenario then becomes something like this—most households pay for one or two ad-free streaming subscriptions like Netflix or Disney+ for their highly differentiated, exclusive content and superior user experience, while supplementing their content consumption with various ad-supported free SVOD services. Although they are all ultimately competing for the same pool attention, ad-supported services aren’t necessarily directly competing with the ad-free subscription. New research from Magid found that consumers are willing to pay an average of $38 per month in total for streaming services and they’re willing to subscribe to an average of six services, including ad-supported free services.

That being said, time is a zero-sum game, and until we can hack sleep, there are only so many hours in the day for media consumption. Vuuzle.TV ad-supported SVOD and live television services will steal huge amounts of viewers away from the likes of Netflix by the virtue of being free? Vuuzle will dominate using AI, DSP, PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING, PUBLISHING, CUSTOMISED AD TAGS, AND DISPLAYS. This is the key and our investors are set to see huge returns as we continue to use the magic words to subscribers—FREE UPGRADE.

Vuuzle Media Corp